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Loto 18/02/2019 :


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The Loto is the first French national lottery. Launched in May of 1976 through Jacque Chirac, this national lottery of France had a slow start with only very few players. In fact, it took more than a few months before the jackpots became large enough to be significant, this was in September 1976. Today, the French Loto has a minimum jackpot of 2 million euros with a record jackpot of 24 million euros! Did you know that you can play online?

Every year, dozens of players take home a jackpot at the French Loto. While in 2014 and 2015, around 40 people became millionaires, where 2016 has marked itself as the year with “only”36 winners. Otherwise, as we can see, the number of winners of the French Loto has a larger net number of winners than the Euromillions (around 30 per year) of the EuroJackpot, the other biggest lotteries in Europe.

This is due, notably, to more accessible odds for the French Loto (see below).

What about you, are you going to become the next millionaire from Frances flagship lottery after having checked your ticket online? We want you to be, so follow this guide to play you ticket for the Loto right now.

How to fill out a ticket for the French Loto online?

Have you had enough of going to your local shop to play the French Loto? We have a dream solution for you. We propose that you play the Loto online, and all without moving from your home. You wish to take a chance, we will explain everything to you below:

The 4 steps to play the French Loto online in just a few minutes:

  • Cochez vos numérosWhether you live in or outside of France, you will be able to play the French Loto and attempt to grab jackpots reaching up to 24 million euros. To do this we invite you to follow our partners to initiate your game and to never have to move from home to check your lottery ticket. You will have two choices if you would like to play the French Loto, either to play from the website FDJ.fr if you are French or to play through our partner TheLotter is you are a foreign player. You have 10 minutes to spare? Then you are ready to create an account and to play the French Loto by going though our partners. Make sure you have your bank card and Identification to validate your account.
  • Des agents se rendent aux points de venteHave you created and account and found your Loto game? Then great, we are almost at the process of playing your game. Here, you will have to choose your numbers among 49 that are available to you on a French Loto Ticket. On top of this, you will have to choose what is known as a lucky number among 10. If you find the lucky number, then you recover your 2 euro bet or it will help you find the winning combination of the draw and will allow you to access the full jackpot. Know that you will be able to choose your favourite numbers or if you prefer you can use a flash system that chooses your numbers randomly, this being done by a verified machine that chooses a combination from among the 19 million possibilities for French Loto.
  • Vous recevez une copie scannée de vos ticketsHave you chosen and validated your ticket? Good news, you now at least have a chance to hit the jackpot of the draw that you have played. You should also know that in playing online, you are guaranteed anonymity by the Française des Jeux. So, in case of a win of several millions of euros, you have no fear your identity being divulged, our partners FDJ and TheLotter guaranties total anonymity. Between the secure online payment and your anonymity in the case of a win, playing the Loto online is one of the best ideas from 2016. Already, this year, more than 10 people have become millionaires after having played through the FDJ.fr website. The biggest winner is a recent player who played in November 2016 for a win of 16 million euros.
  • Vos gains sont directement crédités sur votre compte en ligneHas your ticket for French Loto hit the mark? You have hit the jackpot and do not know the next step is? We will tell you all. If your win is greater than 3000 euros (outside of a jackpot), you will have to confirm your identity with the Française des Jeux services. If you have got the jackpot in its entirety, then you will be sent directly by FDJ to pick up your check at the premises in Boulogne-Billancourt in order to receive your millions of euros, but also to assist you in where you should put your money now due to your new wealth.

Questions relating to the French Loto

Before playing a lottery game, it helps to know it inside and out to know the odds of winning, but also to be able to play strategically. You can find all the necessary information concerning the French Loto.

Find below the most frequently asked questions concerning the French Loto (do not hesitate to submit your own):

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