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Playing EuroMillions from anywhere in the world is simple! Thanks to our agents located in every part of the world, you can fill in your grids for this European lottery in a few clicks and receive your scanned tickets a few minutes later!

EuroMillions is a multinational, Europe-based lottery made up of twelve states: France, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Monaco and Andorra. This lottery, created by the Française de Jeux, the French lottery operator, was first played on February 13, 2004 with a draw that included only nine of the twelve current member states.

How to play EuroMillions online:

Taking a chance with this European lottery online is very easy; all you have to do is create an account on our platform and inform us of your contact information (mailing address, so we can find you in case you win, and of course banking information so you can regulate your play and have access to your eventual winnings). Here’s how play via our platform works:

  • Cochez vos numérosFirst off, all you have to do is click on the registration form here: and to fill in all necessary information needed to create an online account. Once your account has been created, you can access lotto forms. Fill in your lines, pick your options, and validate the payment − that's all you have to do to test your odds!
  • Des agents se rendent aux points de venteOnce your play has been registered, one of our agents located in the originating country of the lottery you've just picked will go to a point of sale and play the game on your behalf. When this is done, your ticket will be scanned and placed in a safe location in case you win.
  • Vous recevez une copie scannée de vos ticketsThe entire process is completely secure, from start to finish, whether that be the trustworthiness of our agents who play the game on your behalf or the safekeeping of your tickets. Thanks to our staff, your precious tickets are safe and sound!
  • Vos gains sont directement crédités sur votre compte en ligneFor all wins that are considered inferior, the money will be directly credited to your online account; but with upper level wins, you will need to travel to the originating country of the lottery to collect your winnings! Still, don't start panicking just yet; if this happens, we'll help you through this process step by step.

What's the cut-off time for playing online?

It doesn’t matter what country you choose to play EuroMillions in, play closes at 8pm; the results are collected by various local agencies and brought to Paris where the FDJ centralises all plays before beginning the draw.

Keep in mind that our agents need to go to a point of sale in order to input your plays; delays can always occur, especially in cases of high demand for a desirable draw, for example. If you want to participate in a lottery draw using our services, we recommend you do so in advance to avoid any unpleasant surprises!

Who can play EuroMillions on our site?

Anyone of course! If, for example, you’re a Spanish player wishing to take advantage of the France-specific MyMillion option or even star+ , you can have one of our French agents play your numbers at a local point of sale! Maybe you’re English and you want to pay less for your play by opting out of the Millionnaire Raffle option; you can have one of our agents buy you a EuroMillions ticket in Austria!

The possibilities are almost endless and, thanks to the magic of the internet, you now have the option of participating in lotteries from around the world, whenever and wherever you want, all without moving anything but a finger on your computer, tablet or smartphone!

How does the EuroMillions lottery work?

Like other lotteries around the world, or at least most of them, the game consists of choosing a set of numbers on each of your grids which, once drawn (regardless of the order), allow you to access a win level corresponding to the number of matching numbers found on your ticket.

In the case of EuroMillions, the game consists of 5 balls numbered from 1 to 50 as well as two additional balls known as “star” balls which are numbered from 1 to 12. Each EuroMillions draw therefore consists of 5 numbers among 50 possibilities plus two numbers among 12 possibilities, adding up to a total of 139,863,160 possible combinations (as of the latest version).

What are the odds of winning EuroMillions?

Here you’ll find a complete probability chart for each EuroMillions win level:

Rank Numbers match Odds 1 chance in a Amount of lots shared by winners of a rank Average gain
1 5 numbers + 2 stars 0,000 000 715 % 139 838 160 32,0 % 46 000 000 £
+ 9 224 160 £ of Super Jackpot
2 5 numbers + 1 star 0,000 014 % 6 991 908 4,8 % 248 784 £
3 5 numbers + 0 star 0,000 032 % 3 107 515 1,6 % 25 764 £
4 4 numbers + 2 stars 0,000 19 % 621 503 0,8 % 2 540 £
5 4 numbers + 1 star 0,003 5 % 31 076 0,7 % 134 £
6 4 numbers + 0 star 0,007 % 14 126 0,7 % 93 £
7 3 numbers + 2 stars 0,008 5 % 13 812 0,5 % 85 £
8 2 numbers + 2 star 0,12 % 986 2,3 % 15 £
9 3 numbers + 1 star 0,15 % 707 2,2 % 11,70 £
10 3 numbers + 0 star 0,31 % 314 3,7 % 11 £
11 1 number + 2 stars 0,64 % 188 6,5 % 8,28 £
12 2 numbers + 1 star 2,19 % 50 17,6 % 6,53 £
13 2 numbers + 0 star 4,38 % 22 18,0 % 3,59 £
0 number+ 2 stars 0,87 % 114,5
1 number+ 1 star N/A N/A
1 number+ 0 star N/A N/A
0 number+ 1 étoile N/A N/A
0 number+ 0 star N/A N/A
Total Lost ~92,3% 1,1
Fund of Super Jackpot 8,6 %

Still not convinced? Not in the mood to read through all our explanations? Maybe this explanatory video of how everything works will make you realize the quality of our services! Good luck to all!

EuroMillions 174 Millions €
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