Lottery in the world is an activity practiced by more than a billion players with an average of one adult over three practicing lottery, at least once a year (depending on each region and countries). For example, we can note that Spanish’s praise the Lottery with nearly everyone participating to the annual lottery (El Gordo de Navidad) meanwhile, in some other countries, the lottery is considered a sin, and only the most braves participates to it in the most restricted groups.

Nevertheless, lottery is one of the oldest game on earth, one that rise passions, and similar process are used all over the world, allowing us to remain informed nearly every week of new incoming jackpots, and the latest winners. For example, the Powerball was the most spotted in the news these days, as they introduced new rules involving a jackpot reaching the billion of euros. Meanwhile, the Euromillions in France that remains unavoidable, didn’t see it amount risen, despite the recent changing of the rules.

Lottery toward the news :

Rule changes, exceptional jackpots, new millionaires, with cash prices of sometime billions show that the lottery is a game involving money and chance that went through people and ages. We, LotterieFacile, offer to discover throughout the years the major nexs toward the world lottery, in order to let you know everything about it, but also to try your luck on every lotteries results we can provide.

Please note that the lotteries offering the biggest jackpots are often those that offers the less probabilities for players to get to the first rank, while lotteries with little jackpots offer more chances of a reward. In order to get as much informed, as you should be, we regularly provide guides to highlight the functioning of each lottery (maximum rate, probabilities, records).

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