Lotteries are split between numerous forms all around the world , and sometimes, beyond the simple random draw of numerous, cards, letters and numbers combinations. Every way seems good to create a new thriving lottery. For example by offering rewards even though none number were found, which is the exact contrary of traditional lotteries. But those different kinds of lottery won’t be checked here as we’ll focus on our own lotteries : Lotto, Euromillions and Thunderball. Three english lotteries that we’ll get keep us entertained the whole year.

Play to the biggest lotteries all around the world in a few clicks !

Each week, in England, one of the most faithful to lottery in Europe, 7 draws happens withdrawn over 3 lotteries: The Lotto with its two weekly draws, the Euromillion and its two weekly draws and, last but not least, the Keno with three weekly draws. Of course, other lotteries remain in England, but we will focus only on the top three by keeping you aware of the benefits and drawbacks, and how to play it online !

English lotteries: Many opportunities to become a Millionaire

In England, mostly three lotteries offer to make you a millionaire : The Lotto (one chance over 54 millions to get a price) from 2 000 000£ to 42 000 000£ (highest since it was created). The Thunderball, that offers better chances de win a price and fixed amounts (rank 1) and variable according to the number of good guess (5000 000£ at its highest).
The big fish of this trio, the Euromillions, that gathers officially 9 countries in Europe, and offer the reward of 190 million euros at its highest, which is the mandatory limit. As a reminder, with the rule change of September 2016, it’s now one chancer over 139 millions per played game grid, with a jackpot growing faster during the 7 first draws. A nice bunch of lotteries that grants French player satisfaction.

Lotto, Euromillions or Thunderball, which one will be the one of your desires? It’s yours to decide after reading our complete papers over English lotteries. Good luck to everyone !